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Cutting edge technology development. Specialist in Blockchain/Crypto, Mobile & Security

Physical assets are rapidly being Digitised and Digital Assets are being accepted everywhere, exchanged  with new business models and asset classes. New technologies such as AI, Blockchain and Crypto are enabling these however can be complex to navigate with too many standards.

  • Get results - Talk to our experienced team of experts who delivered success for startups as well as fortune 500 companies as not all solutions are the same

  • Mobile App Development - Seeking to launch an awarding winning mobile app at competitve rates. Speak to us in deploying in weeks not months.

  • Blockchain - We develop and deploy your own blockchain. Ask about why it is important to understand and design your tokenomics not just your blockchain

  • Physical Token - Seeking to deploy your own token/coin and list. We can show you how

  • Cyber Resilience - We do not just believe in security but also risk maangement. Learn how to not only prevent but also recover and keep your business running

  • Technology Advisory - Why create rework from an MVP. Get it right from the start as your most imporant asset your customers will be affected.


Mobile App

A unique offering that enable iOS and Android simultaneously. Avoid mistakes that can cripple your business by only catering for the technical aspects and not business, processes, risk management, compliance, security and operations. We can deploy most mobile apps in less than 3 months.

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Successfully launch your own Blockchain/Tokens on a secure and scalable platform that is at least x50 times further than current blockchain solutions and 100% Ethereum compatible.

Deploy your assets in weeks not months.

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Cyber Resilience not just Security

If you value your customers, you would appreciate that security and data protection should be on your highest agenda, compliance with GDPR rules can be complex to navigate and we take the headache in making sure your platform is secure beyond a technical perspective.

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Need help to operate and manage?

New technologies can be complex and often require multiple skills and coherent understanding to mitigate risks, especially scalability and security. We help you take the headache out in operating and managing complex tech.


“We gave a complex challenge, and they nailed it. This is why SignKeys has become our partner of choice for technology development. They always follow through with their promise and their experienced and enabled smooth operations not just development."

— Nikole R. COO for Good Digital Identity

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More than just tech development

Great culture and married with extensive experience in delivering results at competitive rates.